No Plans…Just Options

We have met many boats so far, some with amazing names. Every once in a while you see a great one, the kind that you wish you had thought of yourself, or is very fitting for the boat’s captain and crew. And some just hit home because they resonate with what you are trying to do.

No Plans, Just Options fits all three. She is an amazing Aussie kid boat with two boys that we met at Thanksgiving potluck at the marina. What we love about the name is that it’s a great way to describe the cruising life.

We left the corporate world as everyone was working on their 2020 annual plans, and bogged down in meetings to plan for the plan. When I announced my departure, the first question I always got was “so what’s your plan?”. Since our only plan was to be off the docks by the end of October, I started by saying “I don’t have one.” I learned quickly that didn’t sit well with land people, so I would my to best to give them a specific answer that would make them happy, but the truth is we don’t have plans, just an amazing menu of options. And it’s freeing, refeshing, and sometimes the wide number of choices is even a little bit daunting as we adjust to the cruising lifestyle, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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