That Escalated Quickly

Within 24 hours of writing our last post, the police showed up in Hansen Bay at 4 PM and told all the boats they had to move on to a different location.

Scrambling to figure out where to go before sunset, a friendly boat on the North side of St. John confirmed that there were mooring balls in their bay, and we motored around the island, arriving just before dark.

We are now in Maho Bay of St. John – closer to the “big” town of Cruz Bay but in a National Park. Being on a mooring, especially one that is regularly inspected and maintained, is somewhat safer than being on an anchor. That safety and the security of knowing the police won’t kick us off the mooring ball (so long as the parks stay open on the island) is worth the daily mooring fee for staying here.

Our routine continues the same as it was in Hansen Bay, just with different scenery around us. We haven’t had any visits from dolphins yet, but there do seem to be a handful of resident sea turtles around.

Logan practicing his rapid escape in case he needs it :-):

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