What’s Next For Nomad?

While the rest of the world has had a taste of what life is like aboard a sailboat- living in close proximity to your loved ones, homeschooling the little ones and stockpiling provisions for longer periods of time away from the store – we have been watching the world, and the options available to us to cruise, change dramatically.Borders are closing all across the world.  Controls on movement within countries and restrictions on travel between countries is the new norm (and for some good reasons).  

This has had an impact on what little in the way of plans that we had up until now.  We are no longer heading to Europe this summer, and we aren’t really sure what we are doing after June-ish time frame.  All we know is that we must be out of the Caribbean hurricane belt by July 1st. The belt extends from roughly the northern Florida border down to just north of Grenada. The traditional hurricane season hang out places of Grenada and Guatemala are both closed to foreign vessels right now, with no assurance that they will be opened up again this summer.  We thought briefly about heading down to Panama/Columbia area but they, too, might be closed to foreigners and they have lots of lightning storms in the area during the summer (lightning does not mix well with boats with really tall metal poles).  We can alternatively head back to the US and cruise along the East Coast, but it may not make sense to move from one anchorage to the next if we cannot, or should not, be going ashore and interacting with the locals. For now we’re going to lay low in the US Virgin Islands and stay as far away from other people and land as possible for as long as required.

Stay tuned as our plans get written, and rewritten, in the sand at low tide.


2 thoughts on “What’s Next For Nomad?

  1. It will indeed be interesting to see hour journey pans out. Best wishes for safe travel. You wanted an adventure and boy did you get one. Thanks for the updates.


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