Where are we?

PANO_20200204_100551.vrApologies to all our friends for the slow trickle of posts on the blog, but we have been distracted by snorkeling, fishing, navigating and of course rum o’clock.

We have now made it to the Central Bahamas! After a week or so in the amazing Berry Islands, stopped over in Nassau to do some provisioning and now we are in the Exhumas, which is a southern island chain in the Bahamas with amazing snorkeling and slightly warmer waters.

And a few shots of what we have been up to:


Visiting caves near Oven Rock:


Handing out with the sharks (there are LOTS in the Bahamas, so you just have to get used to swimming with them).:IMG_20200206_130958

Hanging with the swimming pigs at Staniel Cay:

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